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MRO IT System Implementation


Oliver Wyman CAVOK partners with clients in the selection, implementation and optimization of MRO, flight ops, content and records management solutions.

Transformation starts with software selection.  From there we assist with implementation and then sustainment of MRO, CMS, FOP solutions, as well as applications fed with data across the functional areas.

Defining the right digital strategy, that aligns with the business vision, and reaches the expected improvements can often become cumbersome and resource consuming. Oliver Wyman CAVOK, with extensive and updated know-how of the aviation software market, can support clients running efficient and effective projects.

Combining our vast experience in digitization programs, with a solid background in the business, from maintenance and supply chain to flight ops and ground operations, from content management to mobility, our team helps clients recognize opportunities for improvements, implement changes, while promptly identifying and mitigating the associated risks.

Case Studies



Aviation, Rail and Transportation

Oliver Wyman CAVOK operates across Aviation, Rail and other Transportation industries and regulators. Our customers benefit from our ability to bring in the best and most relevant experience from across our team.

Aviation, Airlines, Aerospace, OEM’s, MRO

Oliver Wyman CAVOK Aviation experience is extensive with a wide global client base, we have worked across Airlines, OEM’s, MRO’s. We understand the challenges that companies face, balancing the demands of keeping their systems up-to-date and effective with the relentless pressure of maintaining a 24/7 operation.

Rail and Rolling Stock, MRO

Oliver Wyman CAVOK have recognized the rail industry MRO is immature and looking to lever best practice from the Aviation industry. Our rail business is growing fast, and we are able to drive significant improvement to the operation and cost base of our rail clients.

Transportation, MRO

Oliver Wyman CAVOK also collaborates with our colleagues across the broader transportation practice to serve clients in surface or mixed modal transportation sectors like rail, road, maritime, logistics and 3PLs, express, and postal providers. We are expanding into emerging markets like Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), this keeps Oliver Wyman CAVOK at the forefront of innovation underpinned by a deep understanding of the business.


Asset Management, Ops and Compliance

Oliver Wyman CAVOK has significant depth and experience across all aspects of asset management. We understand the challenges companies face delivering industry leading operational performance, with cost reduction while maintaining compliance with the regulations.

Maintenance Repair Overhaul – MRO

Oliver Wyman CAVOK has worked extensively across Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industries, Airlines, Suppliers and OEM’s. Looking at ways to improve performance and reduce costs.

Flight Operations

Oliver Wyman CAVOK has depth and experience working with flight operational support functions and systems, including, fuel dashboards, Weather and NOTAMs, navigational charts, crewing and rostering, flight planning and dispatch, operational management and planning, performance data analysis and weight and balance.

Safety, Security & Quality

Delivering a safe, secure and compliant operation is key to any company.  The importance of integrated systems reducing operational risk is something we take very seriously. Oliver Wyman CAVOK has very strong links with the regulators both in Europe and across the Americas. We led the Single Operators Certification (SOC) process with the FAA.  Our process is now their guidance.

Document and Content Management

Oliver Wyman CAVOK has worked with a significant number of clients implementing document and content management systems. We understand the evolving technology, the suppliers in this space and how important the delivery of easily accessible documentation is to maintaining production efficiency and regulatory compliance.


Industry software solution experts

Oliver Wyman CAVOK has a professional working relationship with many of the top suppliers of MRO, Flight Operations, Document & Content Management and Technical Records Archive IT solutions worldwide.


For over 30 years, Swiss-AS have developed, marketed and sold the MRO software solution AMOS to over 180 customers.

Oliver Wyman CAVOK have partnered with customers to implement AMOS providing an end-to-end service with additional customers employing us to assist them with process optimization, operator acquisitions and entity mergers.


With over 170 customers, TRAX enables an aviation maintenance organization to maintain and manage their information through a choice of solutions.

Oliver Wyman CAVOK have extensive experience with the various offerings from TRAX and has assisted in both the initial implementation and ongoing upgrade to the cloud-based applications.


Developed by IFS, Maintenix provides fixed and rotary-wing aviation maintenance organizations a ‘best of breed’ integrated software system for aviation maintenance

Oliver Wyman have assisted in the implementation, upgrade and ongoing support of the software solutions Maintenix provides.

Other Software Solutions

There are many software systems available to suit the various sizes of organization

Oliver Wyman CAVOK has built a vast catalogue of intellectual capital from the many years of collaborating with software providers and aviation, rail and transportation customers on software transformations which we can call on as a baseline for future projects.

Our highly experienced team of specialists have accumulated over 300 years of industry experience on major systems with a large percentage of them having prior experience as an end user to back-up their implementation knowledge.


Implementation solution experts

Oliver Wyman CAVOK works with our customers and vendors through the full life cycle of the implementation project and has experienced specialists to help transition from the “as-is” to the “to-be” state. Our system agnostic approach is grounded in improving the client’s business processes.

System evaluation and Selection

We assist our clients to choose the right solution to fit their operation:

  • Requirements Definition – Perform requirements definition to project scope, determine vendor shortlist, develop & forward the RFP
  • System Evaluation – Develop scoring model, evaluate RFP responses
  • System Selection – Develop business case and provide final recommendation for executive approval, provide negotiation & contract support

Solution Definition

We work with our clients and vendors to define the solution:

  • Process Mapping and Gap Analysis – Design desired state processes, conduct to-be vendor design workshops, identify gaps, solutions & integrations
  • Architecture, Data Analysis and Cleansing Plan – determine architecture: full solution, composite or distributed, map current system & data sources, develop data migration strategy

Solution Execution

Our specialist implementation team will assist our clients with the transformation:

  • Data Migration – Complete data mapping, support data cleansing, migration, strategy & sequence
  • Solution Testing and Acceptance – Develop solution acceptance plan, facilitate solution testing workshops, assess & provide recommendations
  • Gap and Integration Support – Review gap solutions, workarounds & required testing & training, develop integration testing plan

Go-Live sustainment

We provide specialist guidance at the project go-live:

  • Define/Execute Cutover Plan – Develop cutover plan for go live/post go live, document metrics and reports to monitor cutover execution
  • KPIs/Monitoring – Define KPIs, metrics an& reports for system functionality & adoption, manage issue resolution & prioritize for criticality
  • Solution Refinement – Develop roadmap for implementing defined refinements & in production testing process
  • Change Management
  • Oliver Wyman CAVOK can provide Change Management for all stages of an implementation to include:
  • Define goals, outcomes and identify sponsor(s) & impacted leaders, develop vision statement and communications
  • Conduct change readiness & stakeholder assessment, develop communication plan, perform initial change impact & training needs assessment, identify change agents
  • Conduct readiness assessment, develop training plan & materials, activate change agent network, finalize impact assessment & organizational design
  • Conduct readiness assessment, draft go live communications, capture KPIs & measurements to quantify benefits, assess areas requiring additional action

Program Management

Oliver Wyman CAVOK has an experienced program and project management team who specialize in system implementations and are able to assist in:

  • Develop & execute plan, support vendor interactions
  • Develop governance model & detailed implementation plan, refine business case, support leadership funding requests
  • Manage all program activities, scope management & escalations, refine business case & anticipated benefits, obtain solution acceptance sign off
  • Complete go live check list and execute go live schedule, perform lessons learned workshops, complete stage gate for project closure

Why Us

We are the right partner for you

Whether implementing a suite of solutions, transferring to a new application or optimizing an existing systems we have the experience and specialists to provide a comprehensive range of options to support the client and optimize the outcome

Our Experience

Oliver Wyman CAVOK have successfully delivered numerous projects from full MRO IT implementations to system upgrades and content management solutions with positive feedback from clients and vendors on our approach and outcome

Our Client Approach

We partner with our customers and collaborate with the vendors to define and deliver the right solution

Oliver Wyman CAVOK will locate the key project team on-site at the customers location underpinned with remote support as required

Resource Management

Within Oliver Wyman CAVOK we have the backing of a highly skilled team of specialists across the industry who can induct themselves into a customers business to back fill staff and enable their release onto the project, therefore becoming knowledge champions or key users

Ongoing Support

At Oliver Wyman CAVOK, we know that the implementation project is only the beginning of the ongoing journey. We will continue our partnership once the transformation is complete and assist with ongoing support and any future optimization


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