Engineering & Reliability

In today’s competitive environment, many airlines face resource and technology constraints, uneven relationships with regulatory authorities, reams of poorly understood operational and maintenance data, and competing corporate priorities. CAVOK helps carriers navigate and resolve these challenges.

At CAVOK, we assist with the design, implementation, continuous improvement, and administration of proactive reliability management programs – key to lowering cost per available seat mile (CASM). CAVOK can function as a virtual airline reliability department or provide dedicated staff to support an airline in compiling, interpreting, and providing formal reliability reports (including CASS program administration). We help airlines manage dispatch reliability, increasing operational availability (lift) with continued flight safety while decreasing total cost of ownership.


Organizational and regulatory savvy

CAVOK focuses on aligning the organizational structure and its capabilities, evaluating the effectiveness of policies and procedures, and reviewing tools, technology and metrics for top performance. We employ the most recent regulatory guidance as well as complementary industry best practices during this assessment.

In addition, we assist airlines in gaining FAA approval of the D074 Operational Specification (Op Spec), allowing a carrier to administer and utilize opportunities afforded by its reliability program. From a practical perspective, we can perform root cause analysis at the aircraft and component level, recommend process or material improvements, and implement the improvements within the stricture of the airline’s procedures.


The Situation

The client, a large European passenger airline, had seen significant operational growth in recent years and was operating a tight schedule in difficult environmental conditions. The airline’s reliability team was inexperienced and lacked in-depth knowledge of aircraft systems; access to the required data was not readily available and often incomplete. The airline wanted a review of its reliability program against best practices, focusing on program control and efficacy.



CAVOK experts interviewed a broad cross-section of the organization.

Using our proprietary model, we analyzed data to find key strengths and weaknesses in the organization and in the reliability program.

We focused on five core disciplines:

  • Safety, Quality & Compliance
  • Reliability & Performance
  • People & Culture
  • Cost & Competitiveness
  • Customer Satisfaction

We recommended best practices to improve reliability.

We developed an implementation road map for the most critical recommendations.



We made 15 recommendations across three categories by priority:

  • Compliance (corrective action – short term)
  • Performance (key reliability improvements – medium term)
  • Continuous Improvement (longer term, working toward industry best practices)

Of the 15, five initiatives were identified for targeted actions to drive immediate reliability performance.


Bottom Line

Provided client with a roadmap to increase reliability by 0.5% and bring their reliability ratings back up to standard levels.




Engineering & Reliability Insights

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