Oliver Wyman



Oliver Wyman CAVOK is leading the airline industry with unmatched expertise, proprietary tools, and proven methodologies supporting initial startup and changes to Part 119, Part 121, Part 135, and Part 145 operations.

Comprised primarily of former airline and regulatory leadership, Oliver Wyman CAVOK is proud to be one of the first Qualified Certification Consultants (QCC) of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). As a certification consultant, we provide services to prepare a prospective Part 121 applicant for the FAA formal application process in certification.

Oliver Wyman CAVOK's expertise guides new applicants in gaining certification and existing carriers in obtaining regulatory approval for major operational changes, new aircraft fleet and achieving a single operating certificate.  In fact, Oliver Wyman CAVOK has successfully supported most US airline mergers since 2008 to obtain a Single Operating Certificate (SOC). In addition, Oliver Wyman CAVOK can provide experienced teams to help guide and manage projects.

The combination of Oliver Wyman CAVOK’s proven expertise and unique proprietary tools enables our clients to best navigate the complexities of certification and operational improvements without losing focus on current operations.

Case Studies


I can’t think of anything they could have done differently. This was a well-executed project.
Chief Operating Officer Low-Cost Carrier


  • New fleet type Entry Into Service (EIS) 
  • ETOPS Authorization
  • Flag Carrier Authorization
  • Part 121 Single Operating Certificate (SOC)
  • EASA Air Operating Certification
  • Part 121 Air Operating Certification
  • Part 135 Air Operating Certification
  • Part 145 Repair Station Certification