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Technology Strategy and Implementation Support


Technology Strategy and Implementation Support

Oliver Wyman CAVOK partners with clients from digital and IT strategy to selection, implementation, and optimization of MRO, flight ops, content, and records management technology solutions & systems that drive improved operations and innovation. 

Transformation starts with an understanding of the business vision and goals to define the right digital and IT strategy. Whether the focus is on supporting business growth and diversification, increasing efficiency, demonstrating compliance, or others, there are questions such as: what is the right technology fit and function? how will the new solution align with existing and future needs and platforms? how will mobility, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) be leveraged? There is no one simple answer. Today’s systems must be modular and flexible with enough functionality to support operational changes, along with ample development and innovation to meet industry trends. Businesses must maximize their use of technology; it is an essential enabler for safety and cost-sensitive businesses.  

Our collaborative approach in building strong client buy-in and ownership has achieved not only expected immediate benefits but longer-term sustainability. We utilize our extensive toolset to assist with program management and assurance, organizational change management, systems integration, and data migration. In addition, working with our digital team at Oliver Wyman we can assist with buy vs. build decisions, the application of next-generation analytics, data science, and architecture design. Working with many clients across the industries we serve: airlines, aviation and aerospace manufacturers, rail, rotor, UAS / UAV (unmanned aircraft systems / unmanned aerial vehicles), and maritime, allows us to leverage best practices and provide new ideas and approaches. 

Our Oliver Wyman CAVOK team members have worked in positions from the executive level to the shop floor in maintenance, repair and overhaul, engineering, supply chain, safety, flight and ground operations, and information technology. This provides our clients with unique expertise to help achieve accelerated impactful, practical, and sustainable business goals through IT solutions.

I don’t believe that we would have been able to make good process and technology choices for the future, create a strategy and cohesive plan, truly understand tradeoffs in our decisions, or have gotten the traction and direction to be where we are today, if not for the work this team did.
Director – Technology & Business Strategy , Major US airline

Case Studies


IT Strategy Assessment

In the highly competitive and safety-sensitive industries we serve, having a clear, holistic IT strategy that can support the longer-term business goals is critical. Without it, organizations can find themselves utilizing existing technologies that hinder progress or implementing siloed solutions that are both costly and ineffective. We perform an objective IT evaluation applying our industry experience to provide recommendations that are both practical and impactful.

  • Strategy and competitive review
  • Functional and technology assessment
  • Strategic options evaluation
  • Roadmap development 

Buy vs. Build

There are times when the decision to buy a solution, isn’t very straight forward, especially when differentiating capabilities from competitors is important. In addition to our seven-step methodology, we partner with our Oliver Wyman Digital team, to drive to the right decision.

 1.  Defining levers of buy vs build
 2.  Evaluating the drivers of each lever
 3.  Understanding business and technical requirements
 4.  Validating, prioritizing, and weighting drivers and requirements
 5.  Identifying shortlist of appropriate vendors
 6.  Preforming gap/fit analysis
 7.  Providing recommendation based on analysis

Oliver Wyman Insights: Buy vs. Build

Solution Selection

When a decision is made to buy, we assist our clients in choosing the right solution to fit their operations. Our system-agnostic approach helps define business requirements that leverage the best of what technology has to offer along with proven business processes to maximize efficiency.

  • Requirements definition, including Request for Proposal (RFP) development
  • System evaluation, including vendor demonstration management
  • System selection, including business case development and negotiation/contract support
  • Organizational change management, including vision statement and communications
  • Program management, including program structure, tools and dashboards

Implementation and Sustainment

Once a solution is chosen, our proven collaborative approach and suite of differentiated tools & processes deliver impact that is both practical and sustainable. 

  • Solution definition, including process documentation, system architecture analysis, data migration, cleansing, and implementation strategy
  • Solution execution, including cutover plan, data migration, testing, gap, and integration support
  • Go-Live/sustainment, including cut-over, solution KPIs and metrics, solution refinement roadmap
  • Organizational change management, including change readiness and stakeholder assessments, communication and network implementation, training and organizational alignment
  • Program management, including program structure, tools and dashboards, governance, business case refinement, updated manuals and regulatory acceptance, documented lessons learned

Data Science and Engineering

Partnering with our Oliver Wyman Digital team, we help clients apply next-generation analytics and data science to transform into a data-driven organization.

Our latest expertise and thinking on data and analytics:  


System Focus Areas

Oliver Wyman CAVOK has significant depth and experience across all aspects of asset management. We understand the challenges companies face delivering industry-leading operational performance with cost-effectiveness while maintaining regulatory compliance. 

Maintenance Repair Overhaul – MRO

Oliver Wyman CAVOK has worked extensively across the Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry with airlines and suppliers.  We are familiar with key elements of a maintenance and engineering system for high-value assets, such as but not limited to airframe, engines, and components: configuration management, maintenance programs, scheduling and planning, maintenance execution, technical records, and material/supply chain management.  Some examples of the systems we are familiar with are AMOS, Maintenix, RAMCO, Rusada, SCEPTRE, TRAX, Ultramain, etc. 

Flight Operations

Oliver Wyman CAVOK has depth and experience working with flight operational support functions and systems, including fuel dashboards, Weather and NOTAMs, navigational charts, crewing and rostering, flight planning and dispatch, operational management and planning, performance data analysis, and weight and balance. Some examples of systems we are familiar with are ARINCDirect FOS, Jeppesen, NAVBLUE, Sabre, SkyPlan, etc. 

Safety, Security & Quality

Delivering a safe, secure, and compliant operation is key to any company. The importance of integrated systems reducing operational risk is something we take very seriously. Oliver Wyman CAVOK understands the regulations across Europe and the Americas and we have successfully supported most US airline mergers since 2008 to obtain a Single Operating Certificate (SOC). 

Document and Content Management

Oliver Wyman CAVOK has worked with a significant number of clients implementing document and content management systems. We understand the evolving technology, the suppliers, and the importance of delivering timely, easily accessible documentation, in multiple formats, to maintain production efficiency and regulatory compliance.   We work across the entire lifecycle: content ingestion, analysis, creation, publishing / releasing, and delivery.  Some examples of systems we are familiar with are: Adobe FrameMaker, Aerosoft Systems DigiDoc, Airbus Adoc/AirNav/JobCard, Bluestream Xdoc, Boeing Toolbox, Boeing Spectrum, Comply365, Flatirons CORENA, IDMR InForm, Oxygen XML Editor, PTC Arbortext Suite, etc.  

Records Management

Within the safety-sensitive industries, we serve, the ability to quickly provide accurate records for key assets is critical. Robust records management provides regulatory compliance traceability, reduces costs associated with performing unnecessary modifications due to the inability to locate records, and provides the data necessary for operational improvements.  We at Oliver Wyman CAVOK are familiar with both these requirements and the systems available to the industry.  Some examples of systems we are familiar with are Boeing Stream, FLYdocs, GE AirVault. 

Other Focus Areas

At Oliver Wyman CAVOK we have built a vast catalog of intellectual capital from the many years of collaborating with software providers and airline, aviation and aerospace manufacturers, rail, and rotor clients on software transformations.

In addition to the focus areas mentioned, we are familiar with the requirements and solutions that assist with inventory planning and allocation, base maintenance planning, production control, including electronic task cards and logbooks.