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Operational Improvement


Oliver Wyman CAVOK drives improvement through health assessments, project management office, and continuous improvement to help our clients become operationally best-in-class.

The Operations and Technical PMO focus area provides support to our clients in three main ways: health assessments, project management office, and continuous improvement.

We perform health assessments through Rapid Assessment Frameworks (RAF) to help clients understand where they stand among their peers in the industry and identify competitive advantages and risks.  We have conducted assessments for:

  • MRO’s
  • Airlines
  • Warehouses
  • Rail operators
  • Brokers
  • Corporate organizations

At the end of the assessment, the client is provided with an overall score and a roadmap to elevate operational performance within their industry.

We are experts in the project management office field.  We help clients establish and execute projects within an easy to understand framework, that yields immediate impact on their business.  We will stand up your PMO through training and mentoring, run the PMO for a period of time and transition to the business for sustaining results, or provide technical project management for a specific set of projects and deliverables.

Continuous Improvement is core to everything we do.  We not only practice CI, but we help clients to learn and understand how CI can help to drive change within their business.  We provide a range of support from immediate, quick-win activities to organizational and cultural transformation. We have a series of classroom led trainings that covers CI elements such as value stream mapping, theory of constraints, and many more topics.  We take a hands-on approach to teaching CI, helping clients use these tools to bring about change in their business.

Overall, The Operations and PMO focus group strives to help clients be the best in their industry.


Case Studies


1. Health Assessment

Best practice perspectives from the aviation and surface transportation industries across all corners of the globe are embedded into our assessment tools to facilitate a balanced and insightful view for our clients

2. Project Management Office

A highly-structured and practical approach to project management which includes a project charter, effective governance, and a robust risk mitigation strategy

3. Continuous Improvement

A successful CI program aligns organizational priorities, enables improvement execution, and supports employee engagement and organizational culture

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