Jeremy Peterson

Vice President - Certification
Jeremy has 14+ years as an aviation professional.

Jeremy specializes in Flight Operations, Dispatch, Airport Operations, Safety and Project Management.


Since joining Oliver Wyman CAVOK, Jeremy has:

  • Played an important role in five Single Operating Certificate (SOC) projects focusing on Flight Operations, Dispatch, and Maintenance Harmonization
  •  He served as the Project Manager during his last three SOC engagements
  • In addition to domestic SOC projects, he assisted two international air carriers with identifying synergies as well as developing an integration plan for their merger
  • He has created and presented an ICAO training program for multiple 14 CFR 121 air carriers
  • He was the team lead during a 14 CFR 121 air carrier Domestic/Flag application and has been part of an initial 121 air carrier application
  • He has assisted and led multiple 14 CFR 121 new aircraft entry into service projects for passenger and cargo operations

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman CAVOK, Jeremy served as:

  • EMB-145 Captain, Simulator Instructor and Ground Instructor for 14 CFR 121 Airline
  • First Officer on several commercial aircraft
  • Jeremy holds ratings for am EMB-145, CL-65/200/700/900, and DHC-8/200

Jeremy holds a B.S. in Aviation Technologies and Management from Spartan College of Aeronautics.

  • His pilot certificates include an ATP, MEI, CFII, and CFI