Scott Lacen

Director - Maintenance Programs
Scott holds 35+ years experience as an Aviation Professional.

Scott specializes in CFR Part 121 Air Carrier Certification, Safety Management Systems (SMS) Safety Assurance Systems (SAS) Extended Operations (ETOPS), maintenance  program design, management, evolution, optimization, and work instruction development. He has an extensive background in flight operations, flight training, maintenance programs, and air carrier certification.

His most recent position is as a practice lead where he promotes the effective and efficient delivery of maintenance program and technical writing services.

Since joining Oliver Wyman CAVOK:

  • Scott has led a Qualified Certification Consultant (QCC) team in development of a new Part 121 air carrier under the recently imposed 14 CFR Part 5 Safety Management System requirements. This effort enable the applicant in obtaining a Part 121 air carrier certification with ETOPS authorization, thus becoming one of only two fully compliant 14 CFR Part 5 new air carriers.
  • Scott has led a team of maintenance program and reliability subject matter experts conducting maintenance program analysis to evolve and optimize part 121 air carrier maintenance programs  to their operational  demands.
  • He has assisted in the analysis and introduction of  a new aircraft fleet and coordinated the development of the maintenance, engineering, flight operations, dispatch and policies, procedures to support ETOPS operations authorization.
  • He performed an assessment and high level analysis of a large 14 CFR Part 121 air carrier engineering, maintenance program, and reliability practices to identify current documented and undocumented processes and evaluate their viability, repeatability, and data control mechanisms.

Prior to joining Oliver Wyman CAVOK, Scott held management and leadership positions in flight operations, flight crew training, and technical operations with a global 14 CFR Part 121 air carrier. He served 11 years in the United States Air Force as a Non-Commissioned Officer and flight crew instructor with a Top Secret security clearance.

Scott has a diverse management background in air carrier operations, he participated in initial certification, aircraft systems design enhancement, flight crew training and operating procedures development for the MD-11.

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