Steve Douglas

Vice President - Certification, Compliance, Quality & Safety
Steve brings over 38 years of aviation experience to CAVOK. He has extensive expertise in maintenance program philosophy and methodology, FAA rulemaking process, exemptions, and deviations, strategic change management, and development of international programs.

40+ years experience as an aviation professional, serving in a variety of technical, managerial and top executive positions.

Steve has experience in maintenance program philosophy and methodology. He has a diverse background, blending leadership and management skills with expertise in aircraft maintenance and quality assurance, experience with leading/development of International Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements in Maintenance (Europe/Asia), and establishing new International Programs. He personally led the implementation of the FAA/European Aviation Safety Agency Aviation Safety Agreement.

Led fleet introduction team for a major change in operations (transition turboprop to jet fleet) for regional air carrier to meet FAA requirements and ensure readiness across all divisions, Validated Safety Management System, for implementation of change.

Steve has strong experience in FAA rulemaking, the rulemaking process, exemptions, and deviations and frequently served as the Senior FAA representative at national, international, intergovernmental and government-industry meetings.

He is an FAA Certified Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic and has garnered several industry and government awards over the years. Most recently, he was honored at MRO America's receiving the 2016 “The Nuts and Bolts Award” for his outstanding service and achievements in the engineering or maintenance fields within the commercial aviation industry.

In 2015, Steve retired from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) where he served as the FAA Executive in charge of the Aircraft Maintenance Division, AFS-300, Flight Standards Service. He was responsible for development and standardization of regulations, national directives, policy, procedures, and advisory material governing the certification, inspection, and surveillance of maintenance for air carriers, commercial operators, airmen (mechanics, repairmen), and repair stations (MROs).

Steve began his FAA career in the Flight Standards District Office, as a Principal Maintenance Inspector with various responsibilities including part 121, 135, 145 and 147.

Prior to FAA Steve worked in Industry holding positions of line mechanic, and Director of Maintenance. He held an Inspection Authorization and Designated Mechanic Examiner authorization prior to joining the FAA.