Oliver Wyman



Oliver Wyman CAVOK's Aircraft Records Management team provides our clients with reliable, fully accessible, cloud-based, end-to end records management solutions.

Oliver Wyman CAVOK's record management services include:
  • Auditing maintenance records for completeness and accuracy
  • Initiating discrepancy resolution processes when required
  • Loading/validating component configuration and recording compliance in client’s M&E IT system
  • Indexing into client’s electronic recordkeeping program
  • Archiving and long-term storage of hard-copy records via the client’s preferred document storage vendor

Oliver Wyman CAVOK utilizes a proprietary electronic record-keeping tool designed exclusively for aircraft and engine records. It offers optical character recognition capabilities, storage and indexing, rapidly advanced searches, auto-indexing features, and a secure online environment. Once configured, the system is easily accessible by any client authorized user from anywhere with an internet connection and has the capability of interfacing with various M&E IT systems.

Case Studies


Electronic Records Implementation and Management

  • GE AirVault
  • FlyDocs
  • Stream

Records Auditing Services

Oliver Wyman CAVOK's records auditing key points:

  • Lease Return / Delivery Preparation
  • Audit Preparation i.e., DOD, Aging Aircraft, IOSA, Lessor, and conformity
  • Letters of Compliance
  • M&E IT Systems initial data load and audit

Technical Services

Oliver Wyman CAVOK's Technical Services key points:
  • Auditing records for completeness and accuracy
  • Initiate client specific discrepancy resolution process
  • Record and audit compliance in client’s M&E IT system
  • Guaranteed Turn-Around Times via workflow with:
    • Accountability
    • E-mail notifications
    • Cycle and processing time monitored and recorded 

Archiving Services

Oliver Wyman CAVOK archiving services key points:
  • High speed scanning of hardcopy records received
  • Indexing all scanned or electronically received records into an electronic recordkeeping system for filing and rapid search and retrieval
  • Archiving of hardcopy records for long-term storage via Iron Mountain or another client selected vendor